About TerraBrasilis

TerraBrasilis web portal is a platform developed by INPE to provide access, query, analysis and dissemination of spatial data generated by government environment monitoring programs such as PRODES and DETER. In mappings of suppression and/or degradation of native vegetation (PRODES and DETER), INPE does not have the authority to analyze the legality of suppression and/or degradation, it only quantifies and spatializes these occurrences. These data aim to subsidize public entities in the formulation of public policies of the Brazilian State. Private entities can also use this information to plan their activities, always aware that the data does not contain legality analysis.

It allows anyone to interact with maps without requiring further knowledge.

This platform leverages service-oriented paradigm following interoperable international standards of spatial data and the specifications of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (INDE). Example of services include WMS (Web Map Service), (WFS) Web Feature Service, WCS (Web Service Coverage) and CSW (Catalog Service for the Web). This enables the visualization and analysis of spatial data in different technologies. In addition, TerraBrasilis provides an interactive dashboard in which users can be in contact with various types of graphics that summarize the produced information making them easier to understand.

Team Of Coordinators


Contributors and former members

Gustavo Furtado
Jether Rodrigues
Luiz Fernando F.G. de Assis
Marcos Alexandre


  • National Institute for Space Research (INPE)
  • Foundation for Space Science, Technology and Applications (FUNCATE)
  • Research Development Foundation (FUNDEP)
  • World Bank Group
  • Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)


  • JavaScript (D3, DC, CrossFilter, Leaflet, Angular 5), Python, PHP, Java
  • Docker Swarm (containers cluster), Redis MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Nginx HTTP Server (load balancer and reverse proxy).
  • Server for sharing geospatial data (Geoserver) and metadata search and catalogue (Geonetwork).